Smith’s blinds, Eccles

Cladding Spraying

Our latest project was helping Smith’s blinds in Eccles give their premises some much needed TLC.We worked on the cladding as well as the doors and window shutters around the building.Over the years the elements have taken its toll on this property, and slowly the building has started to lose its appeal. Corrosion has set in and parts of the building are slowing decaying.Spray Deco Coatings were on hand to help!Firstly we power washed all loose flaky paint from the previous failed paint system with our high-end, high-powered, power wash.Secondly, we continued to grind away the corrosion and then treat the affected areas. We went on to fully prime the cladding, this stops the growth of corrosion and gives a good primer for the top coats in light blue.We then went on to work on the shutters. We gave them a good degrease, T washing the effected areas where they had never been primed before. We followed on with spraying, finishing them in an eye catching Capri blue.