Project North Wales

This project in north wales. The cladding was left the to elements.

Harsh rain followed by boiling sun can cause many coatings to crack over time, and of course freezing temperatures have a large negative impact on the conditions of the coating as well. 

Weathering will not only crack and peel the coatings but will also discolour the coatings too. 

Prior to the cladding spraying, we carried out a a thorough pressure washing of the surfaces to remove all dirt and contamination. This is essential as part of the preparation, not just to ensure a smooth surface to apply the new coating, but also to expose any areas of delaminating coating and corrosion which may have required extra attention.

Once all preparation was complete, we carried out spraying of all areas of cladding with a high-performance cladding coating, matched to the client’s desired colour scheme.